The Mighty Doonans Gigs

come see is live in action

We are up and down the country and overseas so come and see us. 

We are also always looking for new gigs, festivals and opportunities to share our music. Please get in touch if you would like The Mighty Doonans to perform.

Event Information

  • Fri

    Buck Hotel


    The Buck Hotel, Reeth, Swaledale, North Yorkshire, DL11 6SW
    Telephone: 01748 884 210


    Tickets £13.50,

    please call 01748 884 210

    This unique band has been a significant part of the English folk scene for many years. The Doonans have a deserved reputation for their imaginative and innovative interpretations of traditional songs and ability to introduce other genres of music and dance to their thoroughly entertaining performances. The Doonans philosophy remains the same and the inclusion of new family members has revitalised the band and created a massive musical powerhouse with incredible vocal performances. The amazing stage show embraces the best of traditional folk (and step dance) whilst wrapping the songs and tunes in a glorious mix of rock /jazz influences that leaves audiences spellbound! The line up includes Mick Doonan, Phil Murray, Kevin Doonan, Stu Luckley ,Ian Fairbairn,  Jamie Luckley and Frances Doonan.